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Photo Blog by Ray Carignan

Fishing access in VT, US.

After a perfect day of fishing for landlocked salmon and lake Trout in Vermont, I was really impressed with the fact that Vermont provides FREE public access and high quality super boat ramps on public waters with their Access Area Program.

I also noticed that 75% of the vehicles parked there that day fishing Champlain had Canadian license plates! It's nice to see a state that respects anglers. Here fishing is serious business. Anglers have rights and are respected like any outdoorsman should be. By reading the sign you'll understand what I am talking about.

Have a whale of a fishing season!

Ray Carignan, Outdoor Passion

Long nose Gar in Eastern Canada

After watching many gars while bass angling i decided to try my luck for the famous long nose gar on the St-Lawrence river with Jack Tougas and Mark Thorpe. These Jurassic fish are known to be impossible to catch. So a few hours after we started they turned on and boy what a challenging type of fishing this fish can offer. In one afternoon we caught around 15 fish. And man these are nasty fish. They always attack near the surface, so you can see the strike. We missed at least 50 fish.

And the fishing continued to be hot all afternoon. Yves our master cameraman caught all the action on HD video. If you want to know more about long nose gar fishing in Canada don’t forget to watch in 2011 this exciting episode of OUTDOOR PASSION on this very special fish.

Tight lines!
Ray Carignan

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