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Outdoor Passion In HD

“OUTDOOR PASSION” is a series with many objectives:

To entertain... and to familiarize viewer's with the most beautiful recreational facilities and new fishing techniques. Recognizing that nature and fish generate strong audience interest, breathtaking scenery and wildlife of the regions are highlighted to attract the widest possible attention.

The series is set within an environmentally conscious structure. It proposes 26 topics of 30 minutes each. They are broadcast in HD on the following networks: WFN & WFN HD all over the US and Canada.

This production was initiated to satisfy the persistent demands of an outdoor oriented public.

Fishing is an intensely human experience; its disciples live through many emotional stages: discovery, wonder and dreams are part of the pattern that accompany his or her growth in the sport. This is what Outdoor Passion delivers with the feeling of five cameras rolling at the same time.

The team of specialists producing this series will maintain a high level of excitement. This series, thanks to a highly professional team and their privileged contacts within the sportfishing industry will impress everyone. The pool of technical and financial resources opens the way to the best fishing areas in the world from the Canadian Arctic all the way to Patagonia in Southern Chile. The series feature's in a dynamic and humorous way different personalities and events.

At the heart of each program is a memorable fishing trip. Back in another outdoor location Andrew Carter will supply the appropriate commentary and introduction.

The host Andrew Carter and professional outdoorsman Ray Carignan will also presents the latest technical information on fishing as a technical block. The novelty minute also adds a particular style to each show. The topic of each program are different areas with pertinent fishing techniques used. Outdoor Passion emphasize on high quality digital audiovisuals, underwater footage, special effects, impressive 3D graphics and split-image camera work. The use of POV camera's and drones will raise the level of excitement.

The fast pace program format will insure viewers attention throughout the series: from the fishing addict to the general public.

The footage was produced with the following hi-tech equipment:

  • - Sony PMW-F65 4K video camera.
  • - Underwater scenes are also shot in 4K video.

The great popularity of this program rest on:

  • - A judicious choice of filming areas covered by “OUTDOOR PASSION”.
  • - The quality of the production team and its effectiveness.
  • - The ever increasing public demand for a series of this nature.
  • - Winner of multiple awards.
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