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NEW! Outdoor Passion  Strategies & Techniques  DVD.

Outdoor Passion DVDs quickly became a fan favorite. So much so, that it has been the #1 selling fishing DVD in North America .

These  are jam packed with hot tips that will have you catching more of your favourite fish now! In Volume 1, Ray will chase the most popular species in North America. Whether he's fishing for giant Chinooks, casting for  summer smallies or cashing in on some giant fall walleye action, Ray will have you hooked with over an hour of fishing-catchin', drag-screamin' & hook-settin' action! In addition the fantastic underwater footage will keep you informed on what’s going on under the boat.

This DVD will have you  learning techniques and catching more fish than you ever dreamed. No matter what your favourite species of fish, this DVD is a must have! Order now for only $19.95. Click Here.

With every purchase you get as a bonus a fishing lure, a waterproof flashlight  and a spool of fishing line a $20.00 value free.

For the  ultimate image quality a Blu-ray version in High Definition is available for only $39.95

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