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Special conditions this year for walleye and bass in several areas.


Here’s some tips for this unique 2017 situation.

With the exceptional conditions we are experiencing this year with high and turbid waters. We had to quickly change our techniques to be successful. One of these tactics is the use of diving body baits equipped with a metal lip and with an internal sound chamber with very bright UV colours like fluorescent or phosphorescent.

The trick is to troll very slowly and touch the bottom with the metal lip regularly. This rock contact combined with the noises of the pellets quickly attracts the attention of big fish in search of their next meal. The Hot-N-Tot Storm, Hot-N-Tot Mad Flash and the Rattle Tot were used for this task. Last tip add some Supreme Smelt Gel from Monette Outdoors on your lure or let dry some good old Blue Fox, Super Juice before sending your offering to work.

This technique worked very well for me, Yves Tremblay and David Caron of SAIL since the opening. Tight Lines.

Ray Carignan
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